Andrew successfully sponsored and passed the first Missouri income tax cut in nearly a century, allowing us to keep more of our hard earned money. Andrew believes you know how to spend your money better than the government does, and will oppose any new tax hikes.


Crony Capitalism

Andrew knows that when the government bails out billionairs and businesses, our families pay the price with higher taxes and lost jobs. Missouri needs to create an environment for the free market to prosper if we want our state’s economy to grow. This is done by creating a low predictable tax code, reasonable regulations, and favorable employment law.


Limited Government

Andrew believes that for liberty to exist our rights must be outright protected, not simply granted as an allowance. As State Senator he will continue to fight against overbearing government expansion and ensure our liberties are preserved.


2nd Amendment

As a member of the NRA, Andrew knows just how important our 2nd amendment rights are. He will defend our right to bear arms and keep our families safe.


Pro Life

Andrew is the ONLY candidate to receive the endorsement of the Missouri Right to Life for his consistent pro life record. As State Senator, Andrew will continue to stand for life with unwavering conviction